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Virtual Super Resolution Broke TV

Question asked by nkoch on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by john007

Well, not broke, but you get the point.


I have been using the HDMI port on my R9 270x since February to use my HDTV as a monitor.  It's been great.  I just upgraded to the most recent drivers for my card, and as I was admiring the new UI I thought I would see how Virtual Super Resolution would change my TV.  Turns out it made it unusable.  As soon as I enable VSR, the screen went black with a "Mode Not Supported" message.


I have since used my backup monitor through the DVI ports to uninstall the drivers, install a previous version, uninstall those drivers, reinstall the newest drivers, all without any change.  When I have drivers uninstalled, I'm able to use the monitor while the TV is plugged in, but windows is unable to detect the TV.  When drivers are installed, I'm unable to use the monitor while the TV is plugged in, so I'm not able to attempt to detect the TV or adjust any of its settings.


I assume the issue is resolution related, where my computer's default output resolution is too low for the TV to function, however I don't understand how this problem has persisted through multiple uninstallations and installations of versions of drivers the TV had previously functioned on.


I have completely removed and unplugged the video card.  I have also used 3dGuru's driver removal tool.


Does anyone know if this is a known issue with the new drivers?  Is there any solution I haven't tried?  I really appreciate the help.  I can typically fix most issues, but this has me perplexed.  Can't understand how a driver setting has so irrevocably changed my PC's functioning.


Thanks in advance.