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    amd driver stopped working repeatedly


      message says driver stopped wirking repeatedly

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          Can you provide more information about your system specifications, what AMD driver you are using and what OS you are using please?


          When does the message occur, during gaming, browsing etc?

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              I actually have the same issue, The drivers go crazy after installing latest drivers (15 Omega - to 15.11.1 Crimson) this is before or after the login screen on windows 10 technically the desktop


              my specifications are

              MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard

              AMD FX 6300 Vishera 3.50ghz

              Zeppelin 1333mhz 8gb RAM

              Thermaltake 600w Litepower

              R9 270x 2GB 256bit GDDR5 Sapphire Dual-X

              Windows 10 Pro 64bit

              the crash occurs after the Windows loading screen on windows 10 and most of the time it reaches the desktop. sometimes it's clean like you think you can play a game cause it doesn't show the error, but if you go to radeon settings or Cnext app it will definitely crash. I tried every series of fix regarding this since it will show atikmpag.sys (video_tdr_failure) after crashing more than 10 times in a row just at the desktop. The near temporary fix was adding ram/changing ram (which didn't last long) disabling the R9 200 AMD Adapters, or the most stable of them all is using the 14.12 Omega Catalyst drivers. that or revert to windows 7 which allows me to use the latest drivers anyway.. is there a fix for this?