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    CF not work inTera online




      Im using a philips 4k HD LCD, 2pcs of ATI R9 295x2 display cards (crossfire), 32gb memory, i7 4770k CPU. Plextor M6e (M.2 2280) 512GB SSD,1000w 80+PSU

      When i turn on full screen in game (3840 x 2160), the machine restart automatically.

      I hv checked all the hardware and driver, all of them are work properly and update.


      Pls help !

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          What AMD drivers are you using? Which different versions have you tried?


          Have you tried creating an application profile for Tera and adding it to CCC/Radeon Settings and disabling CrossFire to test functionality with one graphics card enabled?


          You can report driver bugs here.