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GPU as default

Question asked by lexy on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by t77chevy

Hi i just get a new laptop ( HP envy m6 1310sa ) it works good in games and others but i am sure it use just APU it doesn't use the GPU the ideea is that laptop have the dual graphics technology that is not really ok from what i see.


Ok i try for about 4 days to solve that problem i do not want to use the dual graphics and i dont want to use the apu too, the only graphic card i want to use is the GPU how can i do that? i tryed from catalyst it doesn't work, i tryed to disable the APU from windows, doesn't work, i tryed to add the games to catalyst, to set on high performance, it still doesn't work please i really want to keep that laptop and i like AMD that's why i'm still trying can someone come with an ideea??



Ohh ya from what i read on some web pages i saw something like that dual graphics technology is using my APU as master and my GPU as slave and that is so strange.... WHYYY to do that..., anyway oh ya and i tryed to make that change from bios too, it doesn't appear in bios my bios is poor i don't know why but is so few things to do in that bios.


Please hemp me with that everything i want is to disable dual graphics ( that's easy from catalyst ), to disable APU ( GOD know how ) and to use GPU as default ( same GOD know how ).


maybe it helps i have an A10 CPU and 7600M series GPU