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    Poor Performance in Elite: Dangerous (especially in Supercruise)


      In Windows 10 64bit, running AMD GPU, Intel CPU i7-3770k, and latest Crimson drivers (beta 15.11.1), on an Sapphire Tri-X R390X in resolution 2560x1440p, Elite: Dangerous turns into a slideshow. Especially if players engage Supercruise (even 11-15FPS).


      Since Windows 10 was released and Frontier Developments rolled out version 1.4.1 of Elite: Dangerous this performance problem has plagued all users of AMD hardware with an impact so severe as to make the game largely unplayable. Before that I have Win 7 and HD7970 Vapor-X game played very well. But after Win 10 its horrible for me. And graphic card is around 50-55°C / 122-131°F . Compared to other games is cool.


      And here is a problem from another player (AMD User).Youtube:  Elite Dangerous LOW FPS in supercruise. Windows 10 R9 390x 15.7.1 Catalyst Driver - YouTube




      This is little repost from qwiddity user and his problem it´s same like other players.

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          We are aware of the issue and continue to work with the developer on resolving the issue as soon as possible. I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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              Hi amdmatt,


              Thank you for posting this response to stillson regarding this known issue. It's great to know that Elite: Dangerous players haven't been entirely forgotten even though Frontier Development's game seems to have been leap-frogged by other much bigger releases.


              But perhaps you could bring yourself to tell us a little more about the issue - in terms of what we, the players, could do to help AMD finally put this to rest?


              In other threads there has been small amounts of information given, but the most helpful and informative so far has come from a user named aquinus whose detailed post on Frontier Development's forum (located here: Frontier Forums) along with several screen-grabs from GPU-Z seems to indicate that issue # [59475] is could be caused by  Elite: Dangerous possibly slowing down on a single rendering thread (of many,) which saturates a single core as performance drops, aquinius stated in a reply to a thread on AMD's forums (located in here: Re: Fps issues in Elite Dangerous. Who's to blame ?) that the diagnostic tools seemed to indicate that this saturation of a single GPU core on AMD cards may not be solely a driver issue, and I'm inclined to agree.


              Unfortunately we (the players) seem unable to get responses from Frontier Developments. Once they released a top-level news statement that their company was "working closely with AMD" to resolve the issue, they have remained quiet on the matter. Players continue to submit support tickets, but are told to please only submit one ticket per issue. Apparently this is AMD's problem to solve, which brings us up to speed.


              This problem has been in AMD's known issue list for months with little to no explanation as to what's causing it, and players want a way to mitigate it so they can continue to play with their friends who run hardware other than AMD's. I am in total agreement with aquinius again that it would definitely reduce the animosity if people were able to know a little more about why this is occurring (which involves stating more than "the problem is more complex than we initially anticipated" and consequently "we're continuing to work with the developer").


              Players are very interested to find out why this is occurring, and are interested in assisting AMD diagnose and fix this issue. We're highly aware that we're dealing with AMD's and Frontier Development's proprietary, closed-source code bases, libraries, and drivers, and so expect that IP to be aggressively defended with the manners we've experienced. We're not interested in any of that, we just want this performance bug squashed.


              The question we're asking is: "What can we do to help?"

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                Thank you posting. Look forward to a fix soon (I hope). Sadly sparton2142's post does not help those of us with single GPUs.

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                I seem to have a work around that is working for me on my AMD Radeon Saphire HD 7990 6GB Dual GPU. I created a profile for Elite Dangerous and changed the default crossfire mode to (AMD crossfire mode optimize 1x1). This seems to fix the FPS drop in supercruise.




                Hoping this might help towards a solution to this problem.....?

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                  Same to me,


                  Using AMD FX 8350 8 GB Ram and a R9 380 Graphic Card.


                  With Windows 7 all was fine, after change to Windows 10 the FPS in Supercruise drop down to 19 fps.


                  Please solve ist as soon as possible.

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                    pretty much similar experience.

                    I'm running AMD X4 955 with 16 gigs and Fury X on windows 10 64bit.

                    ...worst experience noticed on supercruise was 2fps on open server starting location. due to lag I usually play solo mode and I reach 9fps on supercruise.

                    pretty much poor experience :/

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                      It seems be fixed now with the 16.1 Hotfix update. This seems to fix a single GPU when playing in Elite Dangerous but upsets crossfire for me. I don't have the option to enable crossfire in the additional settings Radeon Hotfix 16.1 Crossfire  So I had to go back to 15.12.