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Poor Performance in Elite: Dangerous (especially in Supercruise)

Question asked by stillson on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by sparton2142

In Windows 10 64bit, running AMD GPU, Intel CPU i7-3770k, and latest Crimson drivers (beta 15.11.1), on an Sapphire Tri-X R390X in resolution 2560x1440p, Elite: Dangerous turns into a slideshow. Especially if players engage Supercruise (even 11-15FPS).


Since Windows 10 was released and Frontier Developments rolled out version 1.4.1 of Elite: Dangerous this performance problem has plagued all users of AMD hardware with an impact so severe as to make the game largely unplayable. Before that I have Win 7 and HD7970 Vapor-X game played very well. But after Win 10 its horrible for me. And graphic card is around 50-55°C / 122-131°F . Compared to other games is cool.


And here is a problem from another player (AMD User).Youtube:  Elite Dangerous LOW FPS in supercruise. Windows 10 R9 390x 15.7.1 Catalyst Driver - YouTube




This is little repost from qwiddity user and his problem it´s same like other players.