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    Blavk screen on TV ater inactivity



      Few days ago I got Sapphire R9 380x graphics card, previoulsy I had Asus Nvidia gtx 460 GPU. When I turn on computer everything is fine but after a longer period of inactivity (ie. if I use only DVI monitor)  i get no signal message on TV when I swtich to it. Then sometimes reset of PC helps but sometimes it does not help and only pluging out and pluging in of HDMI cable from GPU helps to regain signal on TV. I found a work around not to loose the signal on TV which is is to turn off screen sleep modes in Win (i.e to hold screens always active) so I guess that it has something to do with sleep mode but it is not very convinient solution. Also on my old graphics card I have had no such problem. I am wondering can you help me with this issue?


      My configuration is dekstop:


      MOBO Asus M5A99X evo

      CPU AMD FX 8350

      GPU Sapphire r9 380x

      RAM 4x2 GB

      PSU Chiftech 850 w

      Display 1 LG DVI monitor 22" and 1 Philips PDL 6907 HDMI 42" TV

      OS Windows 10

      Power plan is set to High Efficency (ie. all power saving features are set to off, apart sleep for screens and now I turned that off too because of above problem)