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Do I need Crossfire cable ?

Question asked by ferni55 on Dec 7, 2015
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I have Saphire Nitro R7 370 4G D5, I am willing to buy another for crossfire. In the box there is no Crossfire connector came. Also inside the box of motherboard's there is no crossfire cable.

I search and there is confusion around the internet, some say that there is no need of crossfire connector anymore from R9 290X ( AMD Radeon R9 290X To Feature New AMD CrossFireX Technology - CrossFire Bridge Not Required Anymore  )

So does my graphics card need that cable ? or not ?


On the box of the graphics card, it says crossfire cable is required to use dual graphics card. Why the hek Crossfire cables not coming in box of graphics card ? Some people does not know that they can use multiple GPUs in single system. If everyone sees Crossfire cable coming out of the box they could say " oh what is this, let me seach".. So they will get know that they could buy another new graphics card too, to crossfire it. Its like advertising.