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Black screen during installation of the Catalyst

Question asked by rubenscamargo on Dec 6, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by rubenscamargo
Hello , I have a nootbook with Intel HD3000 graphics and an ATI 6770M . I formatted it with Windows 8.1 before already used this system , more like he was two years without formatting , decided it was already time to clean the system.   However, after formatting 'm having a problem when I install the AMD video driver, Intel already is running fine . However the catalyst when is being installed on the computer hangs and gets a black screen and the xiando sound, let the computer two days straight connected using normally , and nothing no mistake, however when I install the AMD driver, the computer crashes and this problem occurs .   I would like to know how to solve , and install the driver to return to normal operation .   Thank you very much in advance.



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