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dual monitor setup 144hz & 60 hz problem

Question asked by haolong on Dec 6, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by haolong

Hello community,


I've set up a dual monitor setup. The main monitor is a 144hz one and the second is a 60hz one.


When I play a game in fullscreen on the main monitor, everything is working fine. I really do feel the smoothness of 144 fps. To check if i really get those 144 fps I enabled v-sync and it capped at 144, so everything is perfectly fine.




As soon as I play a game in windowed or windowed-fullscreen mode and have something moving on the second monitor (Stream, video, bouncing smiles from chats) the game on the main monitor instantly looses its smoothness. When I test v-sync it caps at 60fps. This cenario also applies if on just move the windows task bar to the second monitor and play windowed / windowed-fullscreen.


So I'm stuck with this problem... either I

     -play fullscreen with 144hz but have to minimize the game all the time to browse something

     -or play windowed-fullscreen with 60hz


So my question is: why does my monitor lock at 60 hz as soon as i play windowed-fullscreen and have something moving on my second monitor?


Some more information u may need:


Processor: i5 4690 4x 3.50 Ghz

GPU: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series

Radeon Software Version: 15.11

Driver Packaging Version: 15.30.1025-151117a-296575C

RAM: 16 GB

Monitor 1: Acer XB240H 144Hz

Monitor 2: Phillips 234CL 60Hz

OS: Win 7 Prof

Aero-Designs off

Games tested: World of Warcraft, Counter Strike Global Offense, Diablo3

In all games over 200fps are produced


Hope you have some ideas to fix this problem