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radeon settings host app has stopped working . Win 10  x64

Question asked by voredock on Dec 6, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by hybrid-91

I have Windows 10 x 64 my card is a asus hd7770-2gdr with a Fx-6300 . my system is up to date and is tuned for gaming  i am a computer programmer and not some noob .


every time i lunch Radeon Settings  i get the error  :   Radeon settings : Host app. has stopped working . A problem caused the program to stop working . Please close the program .


If one more person tells me to install sp1  ( from win 7 ) i'm going to scream !!!!!


I have tried clean installs of every version for crimson since it came out using both DDD and  amd cleanup . I have even went through the code looking for debug errors .




Ms support looked over my windows install and sent me back to AMD so it's not windows .


In my case i can still play games but i cant change a single setting  other than what is in the display settings of windows 10 .


anyone got a answer ( I'm looking at you AMD  )


AMD stop pushing your diehard's away and fix this