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Catalyst presets, and rearanging monitors better + simpler than Crimson drivers.

Question asked by dinny on Dec 6, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by dinny

i don't like the new Radeon Crimson drivers


I had to reverse first to the older Catalyst drivers     AMD Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta Driver for Windows

so i could setup my 4 screens and rearrange them in the right order when i'm not in eyefinity.


It was impossible for me to change their order with the newest software. ( only in eyefinity i can switch and rearrange the order, not when i'm not in eyefinity mode  )


i seldom game, so i want all my 4 screens to be seperate screens ( 3 pc monitorscreens + 1 tv screen )

so i had to de-install the crimson drivers, reïnstall my Catalyst drivers

setup my 4 screens in the right order and save this as a PRESET !!!


and then i could install the crimson drivers and my 4  screens were still right.

then i played a game in Eyefinity ( i use only 3 pc screens for eyefinty gaming )


after playing the game, i wanted to revert bach to my 4 screens however.

I only got 3  screens, and there was no way possible to extend to a 4th tv screen

because i couldn't find my LG tv to extend my desktop anywhere.


Only with a preset made with the Catalyst drivers before , i was able to get back to the 4 screen

setup when i exit Eyefinity


With the previous catalyst drivers i was able to select my handmade  presets directly within the ccc taskbaricon ( next to my clock )

but with the crimson software, there are no presets to pick in the taskbaricon

only the videoprofile ( i never change this from "standard" ) and the graphicprofile ( always "balanced" ) are 2 items

where you can have multiple options, but not for my  monitor presets.



so in my opinion stuff i don't need is added to the taskbaricon in the newest drivers, but the monitor-presets are gone

( i have to enter the settings page, than go to preferences, and then go to more settings. before the presets are visible )


also in start, AMD, presets, the folder is empty, so no presets that i made are placed in there


and when i'm not in eyefinity, re-ordering of monitors is not possible only when in eyefinity group.



i hope that the 2 issues that i encounter get sorted in next updates


there's one more problem. Fallout 4 does not play on eyefinity 5760x1080, it only plays on one screen, not the 3 in eyefinity.

but as i said i don't play that often, so that's one of my least issues i have


best regards, dinny