AMD Zen to launch March 2016 - RUMOR-

Discussion created by black_zion on Dec 5, 2015
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AMD rumored to launch its AM4 platform with its Zen CPU in March 2016


The rumor is coming from Planet3DNow, which said AMD would launch the new flagship AM4 platform in March, much earlier than the previous release window of Q4 2016. The new Zen CPU would run on the AM4 platform, which will support both APUs and CPUs. Better yet, the new AM4 platform will reportedly last much longer than previous platforms, promising support for future AMD processors. The source of Planet3DNow said that "The internal timetable foresees a March 2016 launch".



Alright so it's a rumor, but it's not THAT far fetched. AMD has been taping out Zen for a while, and If GlobalFoundries is able to ramp up their 14nm FinFET production, we could see a product launch in March with wide availability in 2Q 2016. Sadly it might be a stretch to see Zen powered APUs in products in time for Christmas...