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Since installing Windows 10 my AMD Radeon R7-m260 is not working properly

Question asked by sweenytom on Dec 5, 2015

Hi guys. So I had to install windows 10 last week and since then I've been having dreadful graphics performance. I have an integrated radeon R5 processor and a 2gb dedicated R7-m260 GPU. Basically, I'm getting constant fps drops down to like 4-6fps every time I try to do anything in a game. Before updating to windows 10, I was cranking out a steady fps of between 30 and 60. This has never really been an issue, but I've tried a whole host of fixes with no joy so far. Here's what I've tried:


  1. Used the automatic updater to get the latest graphics drivers
  2. Tried manually installing the latest drivers in case the auto detector wasn't working
  3. Did a BIOS update
  4. Tried disabling the R5 to force the R7 to activate during gaming. (This basically just knocked out both GPUs and set me on the microsoft basic so was no help).


So yeah, stumbling about in the dark here. I'm pretty trash when it comes to trouble shooting and I'm struggling to find the answer to my woes. Any help would be really greatly appreciated.