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Fury X Artifacting and black screen

Question asked by bloober on Dec 5, 2015

When playing games like CS:GO my main monitor goes black for a few second every 15-60 min. I also get white lines across the screen (my phone made the line appear more faded than what it actually is). I had this problem on my second monitor a few weeks ago, which wasn't that annoying, but now the problem has shifted to my main monitor.


I know that the DVI cable and HDMI cable are working, as I have tested other cables and the problem still occured.


I have no overclock on my Fury x, and have removed the overclock I had on my CPU through my bios and the problem still exists.


My temps for my GPU are always below 60 degrees, and my CPU never goes over 70 degrees.


GPU: Fury X

CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K

Motherboard: ASUS Z97-Pro Gamer



Thanks in advance, I appreciate all the help I can get


SOLUTION: I fixed my problem by just having msi afterburning running in the background at stock speeds. There must somehow have been an overclock active on my fury x which wasn't showing up in amd overdrive.