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Why won't my ATI Radeon HD 5770 update or work with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015?

Question asked by kyleispositive on Dec 5, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2015 by lolycarol

Hello everyone



Graphics cards: (2) ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB PCIe (One is in a x16 slot the other is in a x4 slot). These are used in tandem with no over-clocking.

AMD Catalyst Driver Version: 15.7.1 (I have tried to install the 15.11.1 beta driver with no success. More info below)

Service Pack 1

Motherboard: Asus M4A758TD-V EVO (specs found here: M4A785TD-V EVO | Motherboards | ASUS USA ) I have updated the BIOS and chipset

Power Supply: Silver Stone 700 Watt (specs found here: SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd. )

Display Device: Samsung S24B300EL connected to PCIe x16 via HDMI (Specs found here:  )

CPU Details: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Processor 3.20GHz (No over-clocking performed)

System Memory Type & Amount: 2x4GB DDR3 Sector 5 RAM 1600


Issue 1: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 Crash: Before opening I receive the following error info:


Problem signature:



  Problem Event Name: APPCRASH


  Application Name: Adobe Premiere Pro.exe


  Application Version:


  Application Timestamp: 564dce25


  Fault Module Name: DNxHR.dll


  Fault Module Version:


  Fault Module Timestamp: 55352343


  Exception Code: c000001d


  Exception Offset: 000000000000f4c9


  OS Version: 6.1.7601.


  Locale ID: 1033


  Additional Information 1: b14f


  Additional Information 2: b14f0bb255ff1fda75b2218f14e23e1b


  Additional Information 3: 1a8d


  Additional Information 4: 1a8d695bd80513a1d5d2f39f3606178d


I have looked on Adobe's website and found that my video card is not listed as a RECOMMENDED  video card but figured that it just wasn't tested as opposed to not being able to work outright. Has anyone been able to use the latest Premiere Pro with this video card?


Issue 2: AMD Installer freezes at 2% when trying to install Catalyst 15.11.1 beta driver: I am under the assumption that Premiere isn't working because my drivers are not up to date so while trying to install the latest driver update via the AMD Installer, it will freeze at 2% every time. I have tried installing in safe mode but receive an error saying that AMD Installer isn't able to analyze my drivers and will not proceed with the installation. I selected the driver manually on the AMD website (not the auto-detect tool) as I was told that manually was the best way. I then tried uninstalling the AMD drivers using the driver uninstaller by Guru3d and tried installing 15.11.1 beta driver and it still froze at 2%. I am at a loss of why I cannot update to the beta driver. Any help is appreciated. I have been working on this problem for a couple of days straight now with help from various people with more knowledge than me and still can't come up with a solution. Any help is appreciated.


*UPDATE* I was able to install the latest beta drivers (Catalyst 15.11.1 beta) but Premiere still will not open giving the exact same error info.