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MSI R9 380 4gb display driver has stopped responding

Question asked by spirazori on Dec 5, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2015 by kingfish

I've had this problem for quite some time and it's getting annoying. Crashing constantly to desktop with the error message I mentioned on the topic.This happens pretty much every 1-2 games I play on Black Ops 3 and sometimes on Fallout 4, however Witcher 3 runs fine and never had any crashes.


So far I've tried:


- Uninstalling drivers with DDU and then installing the newest ones (crimson)

- Installing previous drivers (15.7 and 15.7.1)

- Reinstalling OS

- Lowered GPU clock&memory clock

- Tweaked ingame settings

- Tried pretty much everything people have suggested through several forums

- All temps are fine, and GPU is running around 55c on heavy load


I'm kinda lost here since nothing seems to help