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Crimson Drivers HD7900 / R9 200. Deep Color / 30 Bit Per Pixel / 10 Bit Per Channel

Question asked by shadders on Dec 4, 2015
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I'm posting in the developer section as you guys will most likely know what Deep Color is. The average gamer won't.


I've installed the latest Crimson Beta drivers on my PC, Windows 10 64bit Pro. I've a HD7900 feeding a Dell U3011 via Display Port. I've been unable to get 30bit color working in the past due to the graphics card not supporting it.


However, the latest Crimson drivers report my monitor as 10 BPC and say my preferred color depth is 10. This got me thinking that 30bit color has finally been enabled on non Fire cards!


As a test, I created a 48 bit depth Tiff of a simple grayscale ramp/vignette from black to white.


Most programs displayed the image with stepping. BUT the Windows 10 "Photos" app displayed a smooth gradient. Adobe Lightroom 6.3 (max GPU acceleration) in Develop mode also displayed a beautiful gradient.


My question is this, can anyone confirm that a 30bit mode is now capable from a 7900 using Crimson Beta drivers? I need to know I'm not dreaming!