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After install Crimson my GPU is broken

Question asked by acojon on Dec 5, 2015
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Hello forum, let's see if someone can help me. I have HD 7950 and a big problem.


I installed the Crimson driver since first day, i started having some problems like screen frezed and have to power off the computer pressing the button. Then AMD released the new drivers, i installed and everthing was ok like the first day. Today i turned on my PC, when i opened an application the screen freezed again (sh**, i thougth, the same problem again) then i restarted the computer, but then the screen show weird blue lines. Now my graphic card is dead and i have nothing to do.


Here are the pictures of how my cmputer looks like now thanks to AMD Crimson.




How can i contact AMD to ask them why is this happening when i installed their last drivers? Is there any possibility to get a refound?