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    Fallout 4 crashing!


      I recently bought a R9 380 and have had no problems with it in the following games:


      Cities Skylines

      Company of Heroes 2

      Diablo 3

      Dungeons of the Endless

      Killing Floor 2


      However Fallout 4 I have issues.  Fairly big issues.  I know this game is widely regarded as not the most optimized, but all the same I'm sure there are plenty of people with similar setups that aren't quite having the same problems.


      My spec;

      Windows 10 64-bit

      i5 quad core @ 3.6GHz

      8GB RAM

      R9 380 2GB


      The Problem:

      Every 15-30 minutes I crash.  Now on the Crimson driver this is just either a straight CTD or the screen flickers black and then it pops up saying the device driver stopped responding but was restarted.  However I just updated to the Crimson beta driver to test that out (although I didn't have the compass issue) and now every 15-30 minutes the drivers stop responding, for good, screen goes black until I restart.


      So of course I'm going back to the original Crimson driver, though I'm just wondering if there is any input as to whether this is a known issue waiting on a fix? whether there are known fixes from the community? I'd like to think my hardware is stable as I said above I not only play those other games for hours on end without issue, but I just finished a one hour FurMark stress test on the off chance the new graphics card was overheating or unstable and that was fine.



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          bound to be some updates for the game soon

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            Same problem as you bud maybe not 15-30 min but randomly from 15 minute to 10 hour with stock clock. It even CTD instantly the moment i load up my last save when i restart the game, the only way to continue without issue is load up previous save. I thought i had a defective gpu so i overclock my 380 to 1050 core and 1500 memory and ran valley ultra benchmark  for 4 hour straight with no artifact no crash at 72c. have tested every driver from cc 15.7 to crimson beta and none of it solve the problem unfortunately.




            There were post here and there regarding crashing with r9 3xx series gpu include fury almost all running on windows 10. I really hope a new driver come out soon the only thing keeping me sane while playing is quick save f5 key that i press after looting every room or after every fast travel.

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                Yes, I just got this R9 380 the day Fallout 4 came out, so as that was all I was playing it was just the looming doubt of whether or not the card itself was defective.  Yet as I said, since I've played countless hours in other games without so much as a hitch and I've ran Furmark, 3DMark and the different Unigine benchmarks for long periods of time without issue either, so I'm pretty confident now that this is just Fallout 4, it's just whether or not there was some known driver, driver setting or game setting that could help - I guess I'm in for the wait for FO4 patches and AMD driver releases as well then

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                I'm having the same problem with Fallout 4. In the beginning it worked fine until a couple of days ago. Fallout 4 randomly crashes and takes my display driver with it. I'm getting a message from Windows 10 about the device driver being stopped responding but was restarted.


                CPU: i5-4460 3.2 GHZ

                GPU: Radeon r9 380 2GB

                16GB RAM DDR3

                Windows 10 Home 64-bit


                See also: "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered." Constant crashing please help :: Fallout 4…

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                  I'm having exactly the same problem as the original poster. My config is:


                  CPU: i5-4950 @ 3,3 GHz
                  GPU: Radeon r9 380 4GB
                  24GB DD3 RAM
                  Winows 7 64-bit


                  I have the latest drivers (15.30.1025.1001-15120 cannot see the rest) and Fallout 4 also has been recently updated.




                  Why is no one answering this?

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                    Same Problem - additionally got massive FPS drops on Heroes of the Storm now


                    R9 380 4GB

                    AMD FX 6300

                    8GB RAM

                    Win 10 64 bit

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                      I have the same problem with a AMD R9 380.


                      I've narrowed the crashing down though. Whenever it starts to rain or thunder it takes a couple of minutes and then crashes the PC completely. Not only to Desktop but the whole thing goes dark and I have to hit the physical reset button.


                      I tried to switch everything to do with Water off and even set everything to the lowest possible setting but still getting the same issue.


                      Have tried contacting Bethesda Support but they're totally useless and just giving their template answers. But on the Steam and Bethesda Forums there are several posts about the same issue.


                      I even have a save game and within minutes of loading it'll crash unless I fast travel somewhere else or change the weather to "clear" via console.


                      Anyway... my "workaround" for now is to use the console to change the weather to clear as soon as it starts to rain or I hear thunder.

                      The command is this: fw 0002b52a

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                        AMD FX 6300 6 core

                        AMD R9 380 4gb

                        Windows 10


                        I was having the same problems, I installed the new drivers yesterday and played for 2 hours with no issues, even in rain and build mode.


                        I hope the new driver helps everyone else

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                          Same problem, also R9 380 with 4GB. I don't know about you guys, but since Crimson it also randomly drops from a fluid 60 fps to 30 fps (locked, tothing in-between). Pretty random, although looking close at certain objects, looking at the ground and to the sky makes the game drop quite a few frames. Frustrating.

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                            Same trouble

                            Driver crash every ~30-60min. Game-Settings - does not affect driver-stability, Low/Ultra - doesn't matter.


                            Specs - AMD FX-8350 / 16GB RAM / R9 380X / 2xFullHD Monitors

                            Soft - Win7 SP1 x64 ENG (MSDN, Updated) / Crimson Driver - 15.30 / Game Version - 1.2.37

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                              R9 380 4G here.

                              Getting random crashes in F4 too. When I load my latest save it almost always is raining in-game.

                              No problems in other games.


                              I7-2600k - ASUS R9 380 4G - 8GB - DELL 1080p display

                              WIN10 x64 / Crimson 15.30

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                                Well after finding out my PSU was the issue am going to update my response. I had Fallout 4 randomly crashing to desktop, and it was only Fallout 4, along with random cases of my PC just shutting down with Fallout 4.  Didnt happen with any other games, well it finally started happening with other games. Replaced the PSU no issue. I would be leaning towards a PSU for you honestly.

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                                  I have the same issue


                                  rig and electricity


                                  FX 6300 @ 4.2 ghz (Xigmatek fan)

                                  G.Skill RipJaws 4X4 @ 1866mhz

                                  Sapphire R9 380X (latest driver)

                                  MSI 970 Gaming MoBo (latest bios)

                                  SSD + 7400rpm HDD

                                  FSP Raider 750W (Silver 80+)

                                  Cooler master silencio case

                                  windows 10 64bit

                                  powercom 800va UPS (pc+27" gaming monitor drains it)

                                  there is no any device on the brekaer (onyl 15w philips lamp)

                                  220V electric network


                                  my theory:


                                  FO4 favors CUDA core technology


                                  AMD utterly fail in crimson technology (programming respective)


                                  380 and 380X have anomalies on power consumption (because I rarely get same issue on gta V) or you need to have a tier 2 psu at least and/or  a first class ups


                                  I wish had bought a GTX 960

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                                    Yesterday i downloaded the 16.6.2 Hotfix for my R9 270X and after this hotfix my fallout crashed every 1-3 mins and i downloaded 16.3.2 driver and playing the game flawlessly! I think you should downgrade your GPU driver.