Fallout 4 crashing!

Discussion created by mysterymeat on Dec 5, 2015
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I recently bought a R9 380 and have had no problems with it in the following games:


Cities Skylines

Company of Heroes 2

Diablo 3

Dungeons of the Endless

Killing Floor 2


However Fallout 4 I have issues.  Fairly big issues.  I know this game is widely regarded as not the most optimized, but all the same I'm sure there are plenty of people with similar setups that aren't quite having the same problems.


My spec;

Windows 10 64-bit

i5 quad core @ 3.6GHz


R9 380 2GB


The Problem:

Every 15-30 minutes I crash.  Now on the Crimson driver this is just either a straight CTD or the screen flickers black and then it pops up saying the device driver stopped responding but was restarted.  However I just updated to the Crimson beta driver to test that out (although I didn't have the compass issue) and now every 15-30 minutes the drivers stop responding, for good, screen goes black until I restart.


So of course I'm going back to the original Crimson driver, though I'm just wondering if there is any input as to whether this is a known issue waiting on a fix? whether there are known fixes from the community? I'd like to think my hardware is stable as I said above I not only play those other games for hours on end without issue, but I just finished a one hour FurMark stress test on the off chance the new graphics card was overheating or unstable and that was fine.