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Unable to install amd graphics driver

Question asked by strrstarrynight on Dec 5, 2015

Decided to download the lastest amd driver today, while doing the installation, my monitor went black, the computer is still working though. I know its normal during the amd driver installation process for the monitor to flicker or go black. However after 5minutes+ my monitor was still black. I decided to force restart it by pressing the power button. When it rebooted, the drivers seems to not work, i assume its because its not properly installed. So i uninstalled them and tried reinstalling it, but now i get the error windows cannot install unsigned driver about half way through the installation. I think its not a complete installation as the amd gaming evolved software still prompts me to download the lastest graphics driver. Also i cannot open the amd settings, as the drivers are not properly installed.

P.S. tried to disable driver signature verification through cmd and gpedit.msc, also tried cccleaner and ddu, but still get the error.