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    Mini Display to DVI active adapters and 9 x Samsung DM55D - DM-D Series 55" Slim Direct-Lit LED Displays: Blinking, Flashing, Losing displays intermittently


      I am trying to connect a HP Z800 Workstation with 2x ATI 7800 cards with 9 Samsung DM55D - DM-D Series 55" Slim Direct-Lit LED Displays in eyefinity and running into problems.  I am using known good "active" mini display to DVI adapters running through a crestron dm 32x32 switcher.  It has DMC-DVI input cards and out of the switcher, DMC 4k HDO output card with HDMI output that connect to these screens using an extrron pro rated 4k HDMI cable.


      I am getting lost screens, screen flickering, lines on the screens when set at 1080p and 60HZ.  I have tried old drivers back to 12.4 that came with the cards and I have tried the latest drivers with the same results.  Often it will see 8 monitors and not the 9th monitor.  It will work fine if it is set to 30HZ but instant problems when set to 60hz. 


      It does the same thing if connected to only 1 of the nine monitors on either video card.   Also,  if I connect it directly to a Dell monitor from mini DP to DVI,  I have the same problems.  Is this a system board or power supply issue?  Previously, this system powered 5 different monitors without problems in a different setup. 


      I have a Dell workstation with 2 Nvidia Quadro cards that works perfectly in the same setup for the other 9 screens.  I I do see a lot of the same problems in here and it seems going from passive to active mini display to DVI cables can fix some problems. It does not fix mine.