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Why doesn't Fallout 4 use 4gb of vram

Question asked by amd_kent on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2015 by filinux


I registered just for this problem.

Fallout 4 is consistently using only 2gb to 2.4gb of vram on my R9 370 4gb.

The PC is a completely stock Alienware X51 R2 (with i7 4790 running at 3.6 and 16gb of ram).


I'd really like to get more out of the gpu since I chose it over  the Nvidia GTX 960 2gb for the extra vram and a foolish sense of customer loyalty (old pc used a 6770 gpu from amd).

I use GPU-Z to monitor the card.


Thanks for the help, advice, or even complaints about what I have or have not posted.