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      A "do all the things" super rig


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      CoolerSeidon 240M
      MotherboardMSI X99S GAMING 9 ACK
      Memory32 GB DDR4-3200
      GraphicsAMD Fury X
      Disc Drive 1Samsung SM951 512GB AHCI
      Disc Drive 2Samsung 840 Evo 750GB
      Disc Drive 3{drive3}
      PSUCorsair AX1200i
      CaseCorsair Graphite 600T
      MonitorAOC 23"
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          Note: The original post is no longer in here and is here instead.



          Since then Bob has changed anyhow.


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              Nice heater lol.

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                Woah woah woah, Do i see a Fury X and an EVGA branded gpu in the same computer ive seen LTT do it before, but i didn't think people actually did that!

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                    There's a story behind that and I'm hoping to have more info on that part soon.


                    I honestly keep both in more for convenience than anything else.

                    They actually do play nice together for the most part. Just depends on which is the main display.
                    I'm actually looking forward to DX12 as it should truly allow them to play nice together - IF the developer adds the support.

                    (Ashes has done this already but I haven't picked it up in Steam to test it out yet.)


                    Fury X may eventually migrate to a Zen system for a "true" Red Team build.  Maybe add another for some.. fun.

                    I'm hoping I can do a review of it for TheGameTechnician or XDA as I think it's interesting to find out what configurations get the best Android build times.

                    It's the only reason I use Intel at the moment in this system - our sole laptop is AMD.