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    LoadLibrary failed with error 87: The parameter is incorrect




      Yesterday i installed win 8.1 on my laptop, and after installing all my drivers, i instaled autodetectutility to see if i can get an updated driver for my amd radeon hd  8500m. All good, because it instaled this new update from crimson. I love the new features etc.


      But, the big problem is that, when i want to play some games, like cs 1.6 i get this error.  " LoadLibrary failed with error 87: The parameter is incorrect" .   Also, this happens in this game, only when i have the video set in opengl from the game. When i have it on software, it works. But i want to know, why i get this error. I also tried a game on steam, and again i got that error. It is a bug from the new update? I got back to my old driver wich i downloaded from my lenovo support site(driver from 2013) and with that driver i did not get any errors.


      I have a Lenovo g500 with a I5 3230M CPU 2.60Ghz, integrated intel hd 4000, and dedicated amd radeon HD 8500m. This are the specs from my laptop.


      If you can help me pls with some advice, not really a sollution. i want just to know if i can use this new driver yet, because i love the new features, but i also want to play those games. If it still needs some bug fixes, there is no worry. I hope that in the future i can use that driver and not to get errors like that in the games.


      Have a nice day.

      P.S    sorry for my bad english.

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          There is a problem with OpenGL in the Crimson Driver which is what causes the LoadLibrary error 87 which is an error message for OpenGL failing to open in OpenGL applications.

          I get this with Adobe software which uses OpenGL for AMD cards and the only fix is to remove the driver completely with Display Driver Uninstaller and then you install the Catalyst 15.10 Beta drivers, you can find them here: AMD Catalyst 15.10 Beta Driver Download at Guru3D


          I recommend doing that until AMD solves this issue or someone finds a workaround with the OpenGL file.

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            There is finally a fix for this issue which is mostly isolated to mobility series of Radeon.

            The fix to this is to use the last working OpenGL files, I have extracted these from the last working Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta.


            Its a regular .ZIP file with the following inside:







            Clean old drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller

            Install Radeon Crimson 15.12 (Do not use 15.16 Beta as I am not sure whether the files will work with it, the installation causes BSOD on my Windows 8.1, you could try if you like and report back)

            Replace atig6pxx.dll, atig6txx.dll and atio6axx.dll in C:\Windows\System32

            Remember to backup these files, you can simply just write atig6pxx.dll.BAK behind them and then copy the new ones from the .ZIP file, ignore the atiglpxx.dll, I do not really see any use for it in Crimson but I kept it just in case.