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Basic Crimson control questions and problems.

Question asked by tayronnmier on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2015 by amdmatt

So I just updated to the Crimson drivers, and to my dismay, it changed how its control panel works in very drastic ways.  To the point that I can no longer find out how to do some very basic things which were a cinch with the catalyst control.

First, resolution.  No matter where I look, there is no simple resolution option.


Dual monitors also seems to now be DRASTICALLY harder to do.

I have three displays, but because of the graphics card (radeon r9) I can't enable all three at once.  Nor do I want to, one is a monitor, one is a TV, both serve very different purposes in my daily usage.  I'm fine with this, so I would previously disable one, and re-enable the other as need be, and could easily change the orientation of them, because one is on the left of my primary display, and the other on the right.


Looking through the crimson control, the additional options, and even the utterly impossible to use and vague eyefinity thing, there is no simple way to do this.  It doesn't even detect the TV as a valid option.  Doesn't take into account the wildly different resolutions of each monitor, no lets me change each monitors resolution.  Does not let me arrange the orientation.

Basically, the new control panel removed literally every single thing I used it for.


Unless I am completely missing how to use this thing, in which case, someone, please tell me?  Because at this point I'm just ready to nuke the drivers and go back to the old ones with its nice and functional control panel.