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Discussion created by adr_tech on Dec 3, 2015
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Disclaimer: US only, sorry guys


Hey guys!


I've decided since the holidays are coming, and its been over a year since I've been doing my YouTube channel that I would offer a giveaway to my viewers, and the people here on the red team forum!


Currently the prize is:

An NZXT S340 (black) NZXT S340 Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Case -





It may not be the most expensive and extravagant case in the world, but its my first giveaway and I wanted to do something that I could afford but also be something that people would want.


As the owners of this case may tell you, its a really good case for nice clean builds


Starts: December 7th, 2015    Ends: December 25th 2015



ADRTechReviews S340 GiveAway!




To join the giveaway:


  1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel: ADRTechReviews - YouTube
  2. Wait until I post more information in video form