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    How do I confirm if my R9 295x2 is being damaged by the new Crimson s/w?


      Hi all,


      Relatively out of date when it comes to the latest pc hardware/software but am slowly catching up with it all and Ive a few questions to ask if any of you canhelp with regards to the new Crimson software.


      I'm currently running an i7 with an R9 295x2 card and have been playing Dayz Mod for the last 4 months in 4k with no issues - generally hitting 120fps in game - on Win8.1.


      This weekend, I stupidly accepted the update that Catalyst said was available... since then my game performance has dropped substantially - areas in game where the character stutters when running and fps drop to 15-25.


      I've read up and have seen the new Crimson drivers/software has been causing some issues with fan speeds.


      So, my questions if I may:


      1. How can I tell if my GPU is running overly hot i.e. if the fan is not working correctly (also, is this causing my game issues?) What temp should a R9 295x2 be running at and what would be considered too hot?

      2. Can anyone tell me the last Catalyst driver before this Crimson (I believe it was up to date before moving to Crimson so I would really like to revert to that)?

      3. I tried rolling back the driver by the Windows Device Manager, a few screen blackouts in the space of 3 seconds but then nothing seemed to have changed - how can I roll back to the previous driver or can I not do that as the software is now Crimson and not Catalyst?

      4. Finally, what software should I use to monitor my hardwares performances as this recent issue has now caused me some concern?


      I'm hoping you can help me as I am quite apprehensive to use the pc currently.