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    FX8350 overheating


      Hello guys, i have a problem with one of my FX8350's but let me elaborate first.

      I have two identical systems build with FX8350, Asus sabertooth FX990 R2.0 16gigs of ram 600W PSUs and SSDs.

      The main dif is that one has a Firepro V4900 and the other has a HD5870.

      The first one with the HD5870 i bought it about 1.5 year ago while the other one with the firepro i bought it 1 year ago exactly.

      The Firepro started overheating during summer but i just cleaned it and let it suffer with 5-6k rpms on the stock coolers.

      After october when the ambient temps lowered a lot, it kept overheating seriously and had a idle temp of 58-62C and during high usage it would be close to 70C.

      In contrast with the other machine where the idle temps are much lower on 38-40C even in the summer and the RPMS are usually around 3.5k.


      I tried to change OS's a couple of times but the temperature rise even on bios, although not as hard.

      So finally i bought a new cooler to replace stock


      You would expect for an aftermarket cooler for 150W cpus to fix things but as it came out, CPU would overheat in a matter of seconds, cross 72C and shutdown leaving it unusable since it would shutdown even on idle 10 seconds after booting.


      So i got it back to the place i got it for testing and probably hoping to find the CPU faulty but they said it is normal for such a difference of temperatures even on the same specs computer.

      And that one led me here searching for answers.


      Is it normal for a FX8350 chip to run so hot all of a sudden?

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          well , whats all of a sudden , you start talking about a different pc and then ask about this one , forget the other pc , what was the normal of the problem pc , has it always ran hot ? did this just start doing this ? has this been a problem from day 1?


          what are your ambient temps ? what thermal paste and applied method used ?

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              Sorry if i messed you up,

              things are pretty clear
              2 individual rigs,

              both on Sabertooth FX990 R2.0

              both with FX8350

              both used to be in stock cooler

              one of them still runs on 38-40 currently on idle at 20-25C ambient temps
              the other one started overheating since 5-6 months ago with the temps i wrote down on the previous post.

              For the sake of simplicity, lets call the one with the normal temps "HD5870" and the one overheating "V4900".

              thermal paste used is the one included in the artic cooling package, which is supposed to be outstanding. Applied method as advised in instruction leaflet.

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                  try a repaste of the over heating pc , I wont refer to the other pc unless it becomes an issue later on , make sure to clean all the paste off and apply some good quality paste ." i personally use gc extreme as its outstanding performance and is none corrosive/ conductive " and personally i prefer the pea method for its simple yet effective installation

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                      There is no need to refer to the other pc because it was used as an example of a fair equal system with no overheating side effects.

                      I did 3-4 repastes before and after buying the aftermarket cooler for obvious reasons using the paste included and other same type none conductive pastes which i have used to numerous other CPUs with no problems. I use the pea method as well because it spreads equally but i also used the 3 lines as instructed on the aftermarket cooler leaflet instruction manual.
                      I've already crossed out any configuration related problems and keep in mind i'm experienced.

                      Also i used to be an OC enthusiast so i know things related to thermal output siphoning and i'm not looking into better performance right now, just keeping the cpu cool.