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FX8350 overheating

Question asked by johnny91i on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2015 by t77chevy

Hello guys, i have a problem with one of my FX8350's but let me elaborate first.

I have two identical systems build with FX8350, Asus sabertooth FX990 R2.0 16gigs of ram 600W PSUs and SSDs.

The main dif is that one has a Firepro V4900 and the other has a HD5870.

The first one with the HD5870 i bought it about 1.5 year ago while the other one with the firepro i bought it 1 year ago exactly.

The Firepro started overheating during summer but i just cleaned it and let it suffer with 5-6k rpms on the stock coolers.

After october when the ambient temps lowered a lot, it kept overheating seriously and had a idle temp of 58-62C and during high usage it would be close to 70C.

In contrast with the other machine where the idle temps are much lower on 38-40C even in the summer and the RPMS are usually around 3.5k.


I tried to change OS's a couple of times but the temperature rise even on bios, although not as hard.

So finally i bought a new cooler to replace stock


You would expect for an aftermarket cooler for 150W cpus to fix things but as it came out, CPU would overheat in a matter of seconds, cross 72C and shutdown leaving it unusable since it would shutdown even on idle 10 seconds after booting.


So i got it back to the place i got it for testing and probably hoping to find the CPU faulty but they said it is normal for such a difference of temperatures even on the same specs computer.

And that one led me here searching for answers.


Is it normal for a FX8350 chip to run so hot all of a sudden?