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R9-285 randomly crashing (black screen driver crash) in Fallout 4

Question asked by kr239 on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2015 by apan

As the title states - trying to run Fallout 4 with everything from the 15.7's to the current Crimson Beta's - the display driver just crashes. Image freezes, sound in game stops, black screen and 'no signal' on monitor, but the PC and OS are still going (was mid skype call at the time, and carried on working). Waited 10 mins, still no recovery from the crash, and only option is a to hit the reset button.


Sometimes i can go 4-6 hours without it happening, other times 20 mins or less, there's no seeming pattern to it. GPU temps under load are around 60c, CPU temps are never more than 55c on my i7-2600k. CPU overclocked to 4.3Ghz, but removing the overclock and running stock makes no difference (except framerate). GPU is doing it at stock speeds.


So i'm stumped. Event Log sometimes shows amdkmdap crashed and recovered successfully (er, no!) once in a while, but nothing more concrete. Is this an issue more with the GPU/Drivers, or with Fallout 4's engine itself throwing a fit?


I know several other people have suffered from this issue, but has anyone else?