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Crimson Issues

Question asked by on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by john007

I had downloaded Crimson stable Dec 3 after installing my R9 380.  And it had Lock my fan in to just 20% just about overheating my new GPU.  I'm currently using cyst 15.7.1 and my card is stable.  I also used Space Engineer as a test and Crimson really made the game ugly on top of things. This Vs my current R9 380 and from R9 270x all running on my 7850k with 2133 8 gig ram stable as a rock. 


I have had Crimson working with my R9 270x and it worked fine.   Don't ask me the Version I cann't remember. 


R9 380 is now in my computer and running fine.  I think you have a major driver Issue when fresh install of driver just about killed my new GPU.  I hope you Fix this and install Majorly Glitched for the install should not take 20-30 mins just get the drivers on the Computer.


I also did try beta Crimson with my R9 380 and it still frozen fan speed.