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    Future AMD Driver Releases (Suggestion To AMD Staff)


      A big what's up to all AMD forum users and staff, hope everyone is doing well!


      With a few of the recent issues in regards to the somewhat bitter sweet Crimson driver package release, that although now seems to be rectified (good job resolving that quickly with the Crimson 15.11.1 Update Beta by the way), definitely didn't come out of the gates as well as it could (and should) have. Considering the fantastic job I feel AMD is truly attempting to perform in regards to extending far greater driver support, (which has been greatly successful overall), creating superior products and changing the gaming consumers perspective of AMD overall, I honestly feel that the entire AMD staff from engineers, to community management have truly done a superb job.


      Yet, there's something that I feel is often overlooked by AMD in it's entirety. There are resources that are going greatly under used and if utilized to it's fullest extent, would have averted the Crimson public relations disaster in a whole. Let's face it, Crimson got quite a bit of positive media attention and considering the youtube and internet media sites love affair with covering Nvidia products, that was no small feat. Yet, sadly that incredibly positive initial reaction from those same sudo-maketing firms was instantly destroyed by one fatal decisive error. Of which, would have been corrected before it occurred if you would have tapped into the resources as stated below.




      AMD needs to utilize it's greatest resource, dedicated Red Team members that are highly qualified to Alpha test future driver releases. If you extended a hand to some of us in the community, requesting our assistance in alpha testing future driver releases, you could avoid a similar event from occurring. I can easily name at least a dozen other forum members that are more than qualified to assist you in testing driver packages prior to release and considering their dedication to your products, as well as assisting community members with their issues here in the forums already, without asking anything in return. I'm sure it goes without saying that, schedules pending, they'd be more than happy to assist AMD in further strengthening day one driver package releases and assist AMD in reaching their goal of becoming profitable within your projected two year window.


      As I'm sure you know, the only way to be successful in garnering the gamers support back at this point is by solidifying their trust in your driver releases stability. Generally speaking, Nvidia users truly want to make the transition to AMD products. They're fully aware that AMD has been releasing stellar gaming graphics hardware products, that in most cases are superior to what Nvidia has been able to accomplish recently. Yet, that stigma of "I want to make the transition to AMD, but those drivers scare me man?!", isn't going to disappear without a more thorough release process akin to my suggestion which, includes qualified community involvement.


      Without a doubt, obviously the qualified technical volunteers would be needed to sign a non-disclosure agreement and of course anything else that could make this work. Yet, please trust me when I say that this needs to happen. The "voluntary technical alpha driver package testers" (Experienced AMD users) I am speaking of who are reading this right now, I'm sure are aware themselves without naming names, fully know I'm correct about this, as well as know who should be chosen if in fact this became a reality. These same people I speak of already know how to complete bug reports, understand how to troubleshoot and can clearly explain the encountered issues with the needed technical terminologies to ensure proper data collection and reports are made.


      Hiring more staff to accomplish the same task would cost quite a sum, which AMD can't afford at the moment. Regardless, these same "hire's" would be less experienced, less motivated and generally speaking more of a nuisance than anything else in the long run, considering the training that would be needed to get them nearly to even a tenth of the knowledge many of us possess. I know in this moment I sound pompous and am creating a self important stigma for some of us who are in fact qualified to assist here in the forums and I do apologize for that, but in this moment, that's the least of my worries. I believe that in my time here, I've shown otherwise, projecting a positive attitude and ultimately a serious dedication to assisting the AMD community. Yet, I'm not even nearly the most dedicated and that's something positive to think about in the context of this discussion, isn't it?


      You have an incredibly dedicated, intelligent community, who only wishes to see you succeed in your goal of becoming profitable within your projected two year window. Yet, to reach that goal, some things have got to change and just merely splitting hardware divisions isn't going to do it. You need access to more human resources which are technically knowledgeable and a different strategy to obtain them. Your open source mindset is something that many of us find endearing and also something we'd like to protect. Just as AMD has offered their well developed technologies free to the industry expecting nothing more than them to be utilized to further advancement.


      Why not allow some of us to offer the same to you in return? Just food for thought.




        Have a nice day




      @Mentioning this to the staff members as well as users below, as I believe they may be interested in the content and I'd like to hear their thoughts.

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