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    R9 270X Gaming 2GB - Black screen followed by crash on Windows startup




      I have a really serious problem with my computer and I beliebe it has something to do with my graphic card. I had it running for about 5 months now with no problems at all. I didn't really use it to it's maximum capacity, since I didn't play very graphic intense games, World of Warships being the most graphic consuming game I played during that time. I did no OC or anything to it or anything. Since my graphic card is the newest component of my system, I am really irritated about the problem I have now. Here is a brief overview of my system:


      CPU: Intel Core i5 750 2.66GHz 4800MT/s S1156 95W 8MB BOX

      CPU fan: Scythe SCMG-2100 Mugen 2 REV B.

      Graphics: 2048MB MSI Radeon R9 270X Gaming 2G Aktiv PCIe 3.0 x16

      RAM: 2x2048MB Kit G.Skill Ripjaws PC3-10600 1333MHz CL7

      Power supply: ATX be quiet! Pure Power BQT L7 530W ATX 2.3

      Case: Midi Antec Nine Hundred Gamer (ohne Netzteil)

      Mainboard: GIGABYTE GA-P55A-UD3 P55 S1156 ATX

      Primary SSD: Samsung MZ-7PC128B/WW 128GB SSD

      Operating system: Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit


      I have two 24" Monitors connected to the graphic card, one being connected via DVI and the other one via DisplayPort.


      When I start my computer I get a black screen after Windows is fully loaded. The boot sequence and everything works just fine. I also see the Windows logo and the "loading animation" right before I usually log into my Windows account. But then I get this black screen. I can start Windows in safe mode however.


      The problem didn't occur out of the blue. It "announced" itself through some earlier troubles two days before. The first occurrence was during a game when the screen turned white, with some gray vertical lines in it. After a short time the computer shut down and restarted itself.


      bildfehler 1.jpg


      When I restarted the computer, everything worked just fine. After some time this happened again. Now the problem got worse. After logging into my Windows account I only got a short view on my desktop, before the screen turned white again. I figured that this might be a problem with the DisplayPort, so I disconnected the Monitor that was connected via DP and restarted the computer. Now it worked again, but when I started World of Warships, the screen turned white again. Since I updated my display driver some days before the problem occurred, I decided to try and install an older driver version, namely the version supplied with the CD that came with the graphic card. When I uninstalled the graphic driver and first restarted the computer, both screens worked just fine, but they both showed the same content of course, since there was no display driver installed. When I installed the older display driver version, the problem occurred again, the screen turned white right after I logged into Windows. Now I uninstalled the old driver again and installed the new one and I got the problem as it is now, the screen turns black after Windows loads and the computer shuts down after some time.

      During all this, I also checked the windows error log for issues concerning driver conflicts, but everything seems to be fine.


      All this leads me to the conclusion that there is something wrong with my graphic card. I first thought it was only some driver issue or there was something wrong with the DisplayPort, but it seems that the problem is much worse and there is some hardware problem. Does anyone have a similar problem? Do you have some ideas to conclusively clarify if it is a hardware problem? I think I should turn it in so it can be fixed, but I just want to make sure, that this can't be fixed any other way. There is still a small hope, that this is only a software problem.

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          1. I wonder if your PSU is being over powered.  I would run a min of 600 25-30 amp rails.

          2. You know that with 2 monitor you put more stress on your card then you think.  Try running 1 monitor

          3. Your card maybe damage do to improper maintance of hardware.  Look to see your GPU HS and Blades are Clean.

          4. You PSU and GPU could be both be damaged.  Do stresses like Dual monitors and Time.

          5. Your Cards Termal paste as failed and now seeing the Effect of Heat


          Solving Problems

          1.  Clean your Computer HS and FANS Dust kills computers.

          2.  See what Heat LVL like inside. Look to see you can Improve your Air Flows in and out of the case.

          3.  Test with one monitor.  Under safe mode. Press F8 as you load up.

          4.  If it loads look get Program monitor Heat lvl on your card.

          5.  If all look good try loading up your computer under normal just 1 monitor for testing


          Personally I think you killed your GPU by putting so much stress and therm failed or Putting to much on your Rails just and now PSU damaged or Both.

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              There could be some truth to your idea about the PSU. However you can not be right about the GPU. I didn't even come close to putting stress on it yet. I only played games with medium graphic requirements at most. Nowadays it is quite normal to have two monitors connected to one graphic card. Some people even have three or more. My GPU should be able to handle twice or thrice the amount of stress I put onto it. It is way more powerful than it would be required to be for the things I am using it for. I checked its heat with GPU-Z and it has never been more than 35°C. In idle its just about room temperature. I cleaned my graphic card just yesterday but there wasn't even much dust. I think you are quite wrong with your suggestion about me putting too much stress on it. I should be able to play way more graphic intense games with this card than I actually did. Above that my previous graphic card was more power reliant than this one and it worked just fine. Of course the power supply wears off after some time. I will check this by testing my GPU in a different system.

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                No further help yet?

                I did some research and I stumbled across quite some threads where people where having trouble with the new crimson driver having similar symptoms to what I experience right now. I thought I removed the new driver completely, but maybe just uninstalling it is not enough? I am actually considering to reset my hole system and reinstall Windows. However I would really like to get some more opinions on my problem here.