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Computer Crashing every time I try to disable eyefinity display group

Question asked by d0ntsh0otme on Dec 3, 2015

I run my computer connected to a monitor which I use for gaming, and a televsion which I use for watching movies and general internet browsing. Prior to downloading Crimson drivers, I use to simply disable whichever display I was not currently using. However, after downloading Crimson drivers, I could not find the option to disable\enable certain displays. I ended up enabling an eyefinity display group in an attempt to regain the functionality that was present in the previous Catalyst driver build. However, this was not what I was looking for, so I tried to disable the eyefinity group. My computer immediately crashed. After restarting my computer, I found that it was still stuck on the eyefinity display group. I tried again to disable eyefinity. My computer crashed again. I booted my computer with only my monitor connected, which allowed me to use my computer without eyefinity. Then I tried to connect my tv. It immediately switched to eyefinity, and crashed again when I tried to disable the eyefinity group. I uninstalled Crimson drivers and reverted to 15.7 Catalyst drivers. Eyefinity group was still enabled, and still crashes my computer every time I try to disable it. How can I disable this eyefinity display group without it crashing my computer.