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    New Crimson Drivers dont give me 60 hz in 1440p or 4k old drivers gave me the option as my display is 120Hz 60hz 4k please fix this.


      Ya I switched back and viola my 60Hz option is back in 1440p and 4k. Crimson gives much better fps in games so I switched back but why is my 60z option missing ? I have a r9 290 and samsung 4k tv with sek 3500u OCB my tv is 120hz and 60hz in 4k . I know for 4k 60hz I need hdmi 2.0 which the upcoming adapter will provide but I always colud do it in 1440p as hdmi 1.4  has the bandwidth and my tv supports 60hz. Please fix this worst time for this to happen as I bought a ton of games and 30hz @ 1440p sucks. These drivers are turning into a nightmare so many issues and missing features.