AMD Red Team in HWBOT Rookie Rumbles and Novice Nimble (If you compete, you could get prizes from HWBOT!)

Discussion created by cavemanthe0ne on Dec 2, 2015

A new set of competitions have arrived on Hwbot, so another chance for competing arrives! If anyone here is joining in on the Rookie Rumble 25, Rookie Rumble AMD 22, or the Novice Nimble 6 comment below! If you would like to, you can join the AMD Red Team @ HWBOT  and help out the team rankings (and make it easier to track your subs!).


If you don't know how to submit on Hwbot, check this thread for more info: A guide for submitting results on! 

And you can post here if you joined the Red Team on Hwbot: The specified item was not found.


I'll throw some tables down below of the top three from each Rookie Rumble, and all of the submissions from the Novice nimble!


Novice Nimble 25:

Hwbot Prime (score)
GPUPI for CPU- 100M (score)
CPU Frequency (% overclock)

Novice Nimble AMD 22:

Hwbot Prime (score)
GPUPI for CPU 100M (score)
CPU Frequency (% overclock)


Novice Nimble 6:

(This is slightly different- each team has three overclockers per test and the average of the scores is the team's score. Each test can have three different overclockers, or all can be the same. I'll record the submissions as they are on Hwbot for the AMD Red team subs)


Cinebench R11.5 (Intel)
Geekbench 3 Single Core (AMD)
Memory Clock
3Dmark Ice Storm (Nvidia)
3dmark Vantage (AMD)
Total Averages: