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Question asked by oilersrule on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by john007

system AMD A6 4400M Apu with radeon HDG graphic chipset AMD radeon 7520G


I just finished updating my drivers  and updated to the new crimson beta edition after my restarting my computer I got a fatal system error at the start when I rebooted . I restarted my computer a second time so I could write down the system error code but it never came back up not sure what I should do and little worried as I'm no computer genius but pretty sure that's a very serious warning any help/advice is appreciated thank you nd sorry if I posted this is wrong section I'm new lol


Ps I just asked my dad and he thinks Might be just a software glitch do to the update, probably automatically rolled back the driver that glitched, I have no idea I could be worried for nothing but just want to be sure