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    AMD Fury X with Alien Isolation




      Has anyone been having trouble with Alien Isolation with the Fury X? Either the 15.7.1 driver or Crimson drivers? Seem to be experiencing real bad stuttering issues ingame?


      The 7950 at the same settings played this game perfect.


      1920x1080 resolution

      All graphic settings at ultra which has always been recommended by the default settings. 


      No errors or warnings in the Event Viewer so the unit is stable.


      Thanks for your time.

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          At the moment I reinstalled the 15.7.1 drivers and left the Overdrive section inactivated. Just allowing Afterburner to configure the GPU. So far all is well with this application much better performance all round. I'll do some more testing on other DX11 applications and leave the Overdrive disabled at the moment, it may have been a conflict.