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Crimson 15.11 driver is doing nothing but couasing issues for everything on my pc

Question asked by trayz78 on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2015 by john007

the title pretty much seys everything


I have to install this stupid driver for fallout 4 to even work since for some reason its the only game that refuses to run with my old driver....


but if i install this driver, Metro games dont work (they launch but lag to no end and are compltly unplayable) Final Fantasy games refuse to launch they just flicker and close, then theres a list of about 40 games that randomly crash all the time with video driver has stoped responding. uninstall this driver and everything works perfectly fine aside from not being able to play fallout 4


sooo... fix this driver already.... honestly... im about done with AMD cards in general almost not a single game is optimized for you guys... everything is nivida and your cards are no longer cheeper then nivida there the same price... so why keep having all this hassle every single time a new game comes out....


and to point out what i mean the hassle to get games to work, i have almost 400 games so far onlt 1 doesnt work 100% (fallout 4) with an AMD card. so yes AMD cards work fine and usely just as good as Nivida cards, but to get them to work like that sometimes takes 30min-1hour of playing with the card and installing ctalyst or patchs or convetrters like the AMD converter for Physx from Nividia which is required to play farcry series and several other games. and if by chance the patch or catalyst stops working.... or has an error... game no workie anymore... and have to fix it... as to where nividia all you do is click play.....


the hassle was fine when the cards where cheeper but yeah... thats not the case anymore