AMD preps hotfix for Radeon Crimson video card fan woes

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I know this is not news, but the article has some interesting information. Especially the part about a clean install.



AMD preps hotfix for Radeon Crimson video card fan woes | ExtremeTech


""This seems a good time to note that we recommend all users perform a complete uninstall of any graphics driver prior to installing a new version. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving between driver sets on the same card, or if you are swapping between Teams Red and Green. Personally, I prefer Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU), available at Guru3D.

I recommend uninstalling the vendor driver using the default uninstall utility provided. Once that completes, run DDU. It will ask if you wish to reboot into Safe Mode. Do so. Once in safe mode, choose the appropriate vendor (AMD, Intel, Nvidia), and choose one of the three options: You can clean and restart the system, clean out driver cruft without restarting, or clean the driver cruft and then shut down. Choose whichever option suits your needs, then reboot and install the new driver package.

It’s possible that this would also solve the bug that AMD identified in Crimson, since that issue is tied to a problem with a previous GPU installation, so if you’re having the 20% issue, you could try this route to fix it. On the other hand, the company is planning a hotfix release for today, so waiting to make certain you get the official solution isn’t necessarily a bad idea. Either way, when upgrading video card drivers, we recommend taking the additional steps to ensure a proper installation process.""