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    Dell m6800, amd firepro m6100 with intel hd4600 Windows 10




      I'm the owner of a dell m6800 with amd m6100. Dell claim that they have tested the m6800 with windows10. However, it doesn't work, there is a bug with the switchable graphics. On the CAD software (Solid edge ST8, autocad 2016). The screen is flickering.

      This problem is not new, it is the same for people on W7, W8 and W8.1 (was my case too). Unfortunately, it is still present on windows 10.

      I've tried a lot of drivers and it doesn't fix the problem. I've also tried the AutoDetect programs but then, my graphic card is detected as a radeon HD8950.

      One solution widely proposed is to disable the switchable graphics (i don't like this solution: i payed 2 graphic card, why should i use only one... but whatever). This solution fixes some problems, but still i've got drivers crashes on some programs (like Lockheed Prepar3D v3), with the message "the display driver has stopped responding and has been recovered".

      I find it very deceiving from amd not to support correctly it’s pro users, it was not my opinion on the company until now.

      It appears that there is no driver supporting my graphic card with windows 10, not even at a beta stage (unlike many other dell precision laptops, Hp workstations...). Is amd working on a solution? When can I expect a solution (even at beta stage)?