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CCC without any configuration...What should i do???

Question asked by adrewandy on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by kingfish

Well i have laptop HP (i7 2ng gen 2.7ghz,8gb Ram and Windows 10  64bits) .Practically i tried everything to solve the problem (TUTORIALS, UNISSTALED ALL V.C DRIVERS AND INSTAL IT AGAIN, I tried intall original HP video card drivers from HP official site too,but nothing,EVEN FORMATED THE WINDOWS.... but still  shitty ptoblem doesnt disappear) i have RADEON HD 7400m and INTEL 3000 graphics.

AND NOW I INSTALLED the new catalyst

Radeon Software Crimson Edition


and got error when i tried to open it.SO DONT KNOW WHATS THE PROBLEM OF IT,BUT I´m very angry about it,cus nothing solves the problem....IF SOMEONE KNOW WHAT´S THE PROBLEM AND CAN HEPL ME TO SOLVE IT i´LL BE VERY THANKFULL.

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