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Firepro W8100, flash and video player problem

Question asked by thekeeper on Dec 2, 2015

I don't really understand why, but for some reason my Firepro would increase clock speed when It detects moving images, flash player ads and video players. It can reach to a ridiculous temperature of about 85C, just by those. Funny thing is that it doesn't reach those, temperatures when I utilize it for 3D designing, Photoshop or Programming. I initially wanted to check whether it's because of the fan speeds but, since the firepro line up doesn't come with fan curve sliders or anything of that kind, I can't really say that I can change the fan speeds when ever I want to.


Can someone explain why is it as it is ? it's kind of annoying to read an article, then five seconds later deal with the rapidly increasing temps. I'm not that worried when it comes to actual loads, but it's kinda worrisome when, the temps increase even if load isn't given to it the card.