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    When will FFXIV DX11 be fixed?


      At least one rep from this forum is trying to pass this issue off as fixed seen here: https://community.amd.com/thread/192061?q=ffxiv#2686497
      But is is NOT fixed. DX11 with 300 series cannot be played in FFXIV due to the drivers crashing. Quick research shows that this issue has been ongoing since June 23rd when the DX11 client was released. FFXIV isn't the only game affected but it seems to be the worst off. (Yes I am on the current beta crimson drivers as I write this)


      Here is a great source documenting the issue. Looking to make a list on the r9 285/3xx driver crashing and "hopefully" gather enough data to actually know what the pr…

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          When indeed?

          I should of kept my r9 270 because It did not crash in FF14 dx11 mode, heading into 6 months of it being unresolved with 380. I haven't had any issues in other games such as tomb raider and thief; only crashes in FF14 which is the game I play the most atm.

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              I'm really considering the option of returning this and getting an Nvidia card since it seems impossible to get an answer about the situation.

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                  well,considering you are on a peer-peer form,what did you expect,You will not get a direct answer for AMD here.

                  With that being said,have ,you sent in a bug report?

                  And "bumping" is poor forum etiquette.


                  And as always we throw in the "im going to Nvidia" threat.go check there forums,they  are not as perfect as some of you may thing.

                  I for one am sick of the whinig threats from both camps.


                  Actually,I'll bring a link to there forums for ya. https://forums.geforce.com/

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                      1. AMD personnel do post here so yes I do expect to get an answer. You can see that clearly from the thread I linked in the OP.


                      2. Yes, of course I sent a bug report, but it's just one of many in a pile of 6 months worth of this same bug. How else is the thread supposed to retain visibility if I don't bump it? Bumping self promotion is bad etiquette, this isn't self promotion.


                      3. Returning the card is not a threat. I didn't say anything about NVIDIA being perfect. What I do I know is that NVIDIA works on FFXIV DX11 without the driver crash because NVIDIA fixed this issue quite quickly when they had this same problem. It doesn't mean they don't have other problems. But I have less than a month to decide how much this is worth it to keep this card and wait and hope AMD finally fixes the drivers before my return window is gone and I am stuck with it. That's just my real situation. If they don't care more now than they did in the last six months, then this issue isn't going to fixed any time soon. That means I can't play the game I bought this card to play if I stick with it. So what are my other options? I can keep bumping this every day hoping for a rep to respond and I can keep emailing them every day hoping for a real human response with some actual authority on the situation to find out if I have any hope of this issue getting fixed. That's all I can do so that's what I'm trying. If I can't get an answer then why should I keep this card and be unable to play DX11? Why should I pay good money for a product that doesn't work? What actual solution do you propose instead of trying to get an answer, or buying a different brand that actually works?