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Still broken compass in Fallout 4 after latest crimson beta

Question asked by madmatt on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by madmatt

Even though it is marked as solved in the release notes, the compass in fallout 4 is stil broken with my R9 280X. Is there any fricking release date for the fix? AMD is really getting on my nerves lately. First they mess up crimson fan control and my card went north of 90°c and then there are all kinds of bugs in most games with crimson. GTA V running like crap with crimson, Fallout 4 compass bugged, Batman Arkham Knight running like crap with new drivers, too. What is wrong with AMD? Those drivers where obviously not ready for release. The problem lies probalby in AMD´s financial difficulties. They fired people left and right to save money and now there is probably no one left for driver development and QA. Since I did not get any response regarding the broken fan control I guess there will be no response here either. Why do these fricking forums then exist if no one is taking note?