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Displayport specification

Question asked by kknd on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by smartds

Does AMD Graphic card (Such as Radeon R9 series) comply with the below contents of Display Port Standard?

================================================== De-spreading of the Regenerated Stream Clock
Support for down-spreading of the link frequency (with modulation frequencies of 30 kHz or 33 kHz) to minimize EMI is required for Sink Devices compliant with the DisplayPort specification.

Support for downspreading by Source Devices is an implementation decision and is optional.
A DisplayPort Sink Device must indicate whether it is capable of supporting a down-spread link frequency in the DPCD by either setting or clearing the MAX_DOWNSPREAD bit.
For a certain Sink Device, such as an audio Sink Device, the regenerated stream clock must not have downspreading.
Such Sink Devices must perform de-spreading when regenerating the stream clock. The method of
de-spreading is implementation specific.


If you think that this question is too technical, where should i inquire about it?