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Crimson driver kills "last stand" of Windows 10 + Hydravision?

Question asked by armartins on Dec 1, 2015

I'll be very brief since I have other things to do like finding an Nvidia replacement enough is enough. I have multiple copies both offline and at the cloud of the 13-12_win7_win8_32-64_hydravision.exe file... it's pure gold. With it I could add this VERY USEFUL and UNIQUE tool, but now CCC is dead and with it the possibility of using Hydravision. Let me tell you WHY this very UNDERRATED piece of software is/was pure gold. With Hydravision it was possible to create grids and within each grid depending on the software that was attached to it you could make something full screen within the grid. Doesn't matter how much smarter windows 10 "snap" features are now you can't do that. I just got a 4K TV to use as an third monitor an auxiliary one above the other 2. What I want to do? Since I have 4k res I want to see my IP cameras on one quarter (in full screen), foobar 2000 on another quarter and another single or couple apps running on the other half. My DVR software has a horrid huge skin, but when I use it in fullscreen it shows all I need (cameras), also it doesn't allow resize, so in a 4K screen this results in tiny viewports. I was really prone to ignore the lack of HDMI 2.0 (using my 4K display at a ridiculous 30 Hz refresh rate), the late core voltage control (I know, I know... third parties) and other problems that are around for ages but now AMD managed to FINALLY (it's trying since late 2013) kill Hydravision. Congratulations.