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    Fallout 4 Frame Rate Issue


      As with many of you Im having constant frame rate drops in fallout, sometimes it will stay below 40 for a few minutes before jumping back up.

      Adjusting the settings such as godrays and the AA doesnt help much at all. If i watch MSI Afterburner while playing I notice that my gpu frequency will drop

      to about 650-700 mhz and stay there, coincidentally frame rates drop into the 30's. It would appear to me that the card isnt being fed with the info it needs

      to run the game smoothly. Would that be a safe assumption to make? Does anyone else have the same problems and/or know of a solution?


      (Msi 970a mobo, fx 8300@ 4.5ghz, 16gb ADATA XPG 1866, XFX R9 390@ 1125mhz , OS and Fallout running off a ssd, still using win 7 64)

      Radeon sofware 15.11.1

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          fallout 4 has one of the worse cache swaps I've seen in awhile . and it has a bad habit of putting the resolution in windowless boarder and back which cause the gpu to fall asleep and come back again, while i highly like the game i put it down for now untill some patches from the dev hits and smooths out the game engine

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              Ive noticed that windowless border problem. Thanks for confirming my suspicions. I kept seeing so many posts from people saying that you just have to lower the settings or the godrays and its fine, I knew that was ridiculous. Figured it had to be a combo of a new game and new beta drivers. Hopefully itlle get fixed soon!!!! Nvidia definitely got there greasy fingers in before release somehow, my buddies 770 is running it better than my card...... hahhahaha just have to be patient I guess.