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    CodeXL 1.9 Static Analysis/Statistics


      After CodeXL update to version 1.8 (Windows 7) I cant any longer display results of Analysis of OpenCL kernels

      (Analyze Mode -> Build *.cl -> Kernel - kernel_name -> Statistics).

      Im just getting "Statistics are not available for the selected devices". I have no problems with building kernels or displaying their ISA.

      It also seems like statistics themself are correctly created in the project directory (*_KernelOutput/file_name_cl/kernel_name/Statistics.cxltxt).

      This problem was described (but seems to be unsolved) in forums just as CodeXL 1.8 was released and its still present in CodeXL 1.9 (at least for me).


      Its probably also worth note that, I have no such problems on same machine with Linux version of CodeXL 1.9

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          We are aware of the issue that you described, and we will do our best to fix it for CodeXL 2.0.

          For now, please use MS Excel or any text editor to open the Statistics.cxltxt file (which is in plain csv format). It is not as comfortable as the GUI, but it will do the work until the GUI is fixed.

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            I have experienced the same problem as you with CodeXL 1.9.10: whenever I was trying to take a look at the statistics I had this message.


            However, just switching the locale of my system from windows 10 FR to windows 10 EN did the trick. So it seems that it is just a problem about the locale.


            A random guess is that it can not parse the statistics file correctly because it would expect commas instead of semicolons when I use my french locale, or something like that.


            I guess that just by switching the locale of CodeXL to EN at the startup of the application would prevent a lot of bugs: it is not the first time I encounter a bug with CodeXL just because of the locale. It is super easy to do with Qt.