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CodeXL 1.9 Static Analysis/Statistics

Question asked by Deluxe on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2015 by amitbm

After CodeXL update to version 1.8 (Windows 7) I cant any longer display results of Analysis of OpenCL kernels

(Analyze Mode -> Build *.cl -> Kernel - kernel_name -> Statistics).

Im just getting "Statistics are not available for the selected devices". I have no problems with building kernels or displaying their ISA.

It also seems like statistics themself are correctly created in the project directory (*_KernelOutput/file_name_cl/kernel_name/Statistics.cxltxt).

This problem was described (but seems to be unsolved) in forums just as CodeXL 1.8 was released and its still present in CodeXL 1.9 (at least for me).


Its probably also worth note that, I have no such problems on same machine with Linux version of CodeXL 1.9