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AMD Crimson doesn't detect second monitor/HDTV

Question asked by golic on Dec 1, 2015
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Crimson looks good but it lacks a basic feature called "Detect display". It shows only one of it, instead of both. Both the monitor and Samsung HDTV are plugged and the only way to switch them is to manually plug it in/out wiht HDMI/DVI cable. Having it I can switch between them. Of course turning them both on (as extended/duplicated) is obviously not possible.


Who was designing this tool and decided to remove detection button? No, the one called Detect in Display is just showing which monitor is first (and possibly which is the second but since I cannot turn it on I am just guessing).


Eyefinity is a different thing - it merges 2 and more monitors to one. I need to have display on 1st or 2nd or BOTH DUPLICATED. 7 year old CCC gave me such feature but Crimson lacks it.




My specs:


Win 7 64 bit

i5 4460

R9 280