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    How to display Custom Resolutions in Crimson?


      I'm trying to give Crimson another chance with the 15.11.1 beta driver--I finally got the Custom Res utility to work for me, but this brings up another problem related to the Crimsons being devoid of any and all resolution switching function.


      Once I create a custom resolution, how do I switch my Windows (10) resolution to the Custom Res?  I cannot use Crimson to display the (any) custom resolutions I have created, and there is no function in the "Additional Settings" [.Net] portion of Crimson that allows me to display or switch to them, either.  When I create them I have also found that after verification the new resolutions are not saved to the registry so that I could not even drop out of Crimson and go out to Windows' Display settings/Advanced Display Settings/Display Adapter Properties/List All Modes...and select them manually!  The only place the new resolutions are saved to is Crimson internally--but I cannot use Crimson to display those resolutions. I'm hoping I've missed something here and a kind soul will set on the right path and show me how to change & display resolutions from inside Crimson.


      Ironically, if I install the Crimson 15.11.1b driver into the 15.11.1 Catalyst CC I can both create and display those custom resolutions! I'd like to be able to do all of the from within the Crimson interface, too!


      Thanks in advance...

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          So...by the deafening silence I must assume that the correct answer is that Crimson 15.11.1 does not support display of any Custom Resolution created with the Custom Resolution utility in the Crimson drivers. I was afraid this might be the case, but just wanted to touch base about that to be sure.


          In all seriousness, I hope that AMD doesn't take too long to correct this fundamental omission from its Crimson drivers. GPU drivers need Windows display resolution support, including support for custom displays created with the brand-new custom resolution utility built into Crimson (would have thought that would have been self-evident.)

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            yup I have same problem as crimson does not give me 60hz in 1440p or 4k on my r9 290 and samsung tv old drivers did ughhh.